Edinburgh students' BDS resolution deemed illegal following ELAPSA letter
Trustees strike down one of the most vicious, hypocritical and self-righteous resolutions we have seen

2 June 2016

A supporter in the Scottish capital reported to us that Edinburgh University Students' Association had passed a BDS resolution. EUSA's general meeting (or Student Council) passed the lengthy resolution on 31 March by 249 votes to 153, with 222 abstentions. It is one of the most vicious, hypocritical and self-righteous we have seen, and we counted over 20 lies in it, not including repetitions.

We subsequently read Denis MacEoin's powerful open letter to EUSA published by the Gatestone Institute.

We told EUSA's trustees the resolution was invalid because:

  • It was outside EUSA's objects, not being for the advancement of students' education, arts, culture, science, or community development nor promoting or supporting other charitable purposes.
  • It was outside EUSA's powers, which can be exercised only in furtherance of its objects.
  • It was outside the powers of the Student Council because EUSA's constitution requires its business to be managed by the trustees.

We asked the trustees to confirm that EUSA would not implement the resolution. Later we wrote to EUSA's outgoing President, Jonny Ross-Tatam, who told us the trustees would discuss the resolution at their end of May meeting.

Very promptly after that meeting Mr Ross-Tatam updated us. Our  letter had been included in the briefing information made available to the trustees before their deliberations. The trustees had concluded that, while the policy would be published as normal alongside other Student Council business, the BDS motion as written could not legally be implemented by EUSA because such implementation was outside EUSA's powers as a charitable organisation.