Culture warriors fail to indoctrinate Liverpool schoolchildren
Cultural war against Israel risks brainwashing of Liverpool pupils

4 April 2016, updated 26 April 2016

A photographic exhibition called "Silent Voices" was recently held in Liverpool as part of the cultural war against Israel. It showed photographs taken by "children" (which in the language of Palestinianism sometimes means teenagers), and by a professional photographer, in or near the West Bank village of Bil'in. This ongoing exhibition has been touring Merseyside and the whole country during the past three years.

According to the website of Liverpool Friends of Palestine, the people of Bil'in have organised non-violent demonstrations every Friday since 2004.

One of these demonstrations was witnessed by journalist Tuvia Tenenbom, who describes it in his 2015 book, Catch the Jew, which is readily available on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle. Speaking fluent Hebrew, Arabic and English, Tenenbom was well placed to record this event, which he does entertainingly, titling this chapter of his book: "Show time: journalists join human rights activists in a staged demonstration involving firebombs and repeated calls to kill the Jews."

The exhibition itself is highly politicised, showing for example a Palestinian chained to an olive tree. The gullible visitor would assume that Israeli soldiers chained him to the tree, but those familiar with "Pallywood" will be aware that the chaining was faked as part of the campaign to show Palestinians as helpless victims of the "occupation".

The PSC website advertising the exhibition says that work from students at a Liverpool secondary school was to be added to the exhibition, which was seen as a first step towards building an ongoing relationship between the school and a Palestinian school.

We sent freedom of information requests to all 29 secondary schools in Liverpool, to discover which schools had contributed to the exhibition. Eventually we discovered that Holly Lodge Girls' College had recently hosted a visit from two Palestinian teachers.

In order to satisfy ourselves that the pupils had not been unlawfully subjected to one-sided political propaganda, we asked whether either of the Palestinian teachers had given a talk to pupils. We were assured they had not. We asked if any pupils had attended the exhibition, either at the school or as an extra-curricular activity; no, they had not. Nor had pupils contributed to the exhibition so far as the school was aware.

The other secondary schools in the city have all denied any involvement with the exhibition, allowing us to close the case. But Alsop High School, Archbishop Beck Catholic Sport College, Calderstones School, and North Liverpool Academy, unfortunately - and in breach of the legislation - did not respond to our freedom of information requests so we had to get the confirmations by phone.

The information we received in reply to our freedom of information requests seems to contradict the statement on the PSC website.