What is public sector antisemitism?
Jew-baiting by councils and students' unions

    Public sector antisemitism may manifest itself in any of the following (depending on the facts and circumstances):

    In local government

    • motions and resolutions submitted to or passed by councils, condemning and/or purporting to boycott the Jewish state
    • decisions by councils to fly the Palestinian flag on civic buildings
    • decisions by councils arising from petitions condemning the Jewish state or seeking a boycott
    • decisions by councils to receive deputations hostile to the Jewish state, and decisions arising from such deputations
    • decisions by councils to twin with Palestinian municipalities
    • other decisions by councils affecting relations between the Jewish community and others, such as decisions to hold or to cancel exhibitions

    On campus

    • Complaints by students about harassment and other unlawful conduct
    • Boycott resolutions by students' unions
    • Boycott referendums organised by students' unions
    • Unlawful campaigning by students' unions
    • Unlawful campaigning by societies approved and funded by students' unions
    • Barring pro-Israel conferences and speakers
    • Holding anti-Israel conferences in which supporters of Israel are deterred from participating or attending (e.g. where calls for papers have tight deadlines with minimal publicity or are worded so as to permit or encourage only an anti-Israel viewpoint)
    • Universities' complicity in abuses by students' unions, students' societies, students, academics, administrators, and conference organisers

In schools

  • Promoting or permitting the political indoctrination of pupils